This wine comes from vineyards planted on a clay soil typical of the area, with three varieties of traditional grapes, extremely representative of this QDO: Macabeu, Chardonnay and Muscat. It is cool, nice, light, aromatic and fruity. With this wine, the tester can perfectly differentiate the classic Xarel.lo and discover something different from other grapes that perfectly suites in one of the largest territories with wine production of Catalonia.

Fresh, friendly, light, medium intensity, floral with a hint of rosemary aromas and tropical fruit and bone (lychee, grape, peach and green apple) and slightly sweet anise. In palate leaves a long lingering finish with a touch of eucalyptus. On the nose we find intense floral scent with hints of rosemary appearing on a light note with fruit syrup, standing behind a scent of mint leaf.