The Challenge 12

Is it possible to enjoy great wines from the 12 Denominations of Origin of Catalonia under one brand? Yes, from the hand of Dotzevins, an unpublished and personal look that wants to present the most characteristic of this land through a unique collection of 12 individually available wines and also in gift lots.

The spirit of 12

Grapes, wineries, “terroirs”, counties, climates … Each OD has infinite expressions, nuances, interpretations, sensations. Dotzevins is a way that facilitates this trip where you test the most representative of each territory with respect and passion for its most characteristic features.

How to make 12

Dotzevins will take you through the 12 Catalan DO’s with the creators: Natxo and Epi, two passionate entrepreneurs who decided to put themselves at the service of this mission as ‘marketers’: selecting and searching for the best of Catalan DO’s and transforming it into a unique collection.

Josep Espinasa “Epi”

"I am 49 years old and I confess that I am a lover of the Priorat, do not you think it is a land that captivates?" I take this presentation to explain that for me this trip is initiatory. Wine, etc. What we like most is to tread on the ground, to speak directly with the producers and wineries that best represent this tradition and culture.To understand and learn the artisan form with which they make their wines and, once we have fallen into their 'charms' , We make a particular copage that represents the essence of each of the DO's. "

Wine dealers

Wine market is extremely dynamic: trade fairs, producers, cellars, awards… Because of that, it is mandatory to offer always high quality products, in perfect harmony with your personality and your business nature.  Quality products always updated to the possible novelties in the market, and in perfect association with the consumer tastes and critics reviews. (And of course, adapted to the budget of each pocket). Deal with that it is not always easy, and time is short.

If you want to renovate your wine portfolio and update it according to your preferences and needs, trust in our advice, trust in Dotzevins. We select and offer the most accurate wines of the 12 QDO from Catalonia for your business.

Ignasi Joaniquet “Nacho”

"I am also 49 years old, 40 of whom I know Epi and 14 who share a passion for the world of wine with him. But if we talk about tastes, I am more of Montsant: I like the wine as quiet and round as the Cariñena or Cabernet Sauvignon, so we have a very wide range of tastes between the two of us, and I would like to add that we also like to say that we are sensation hunters, that is why we hope that the experience with Dotzevins is as interesting as The aim of this fantastic adventure and research has been and is to share with you the quality of the great wines produced in Catalonia, health and good wine at the table!


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We do not like the rush and yes we like to invest time and affection in knowing and looking for terruños, cupajes, cellars and aging.

Follow us and we will make the journey together.

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